Donald K. Nix, Attorney & Counselor At Law
In Arlington, Serving Tarrant County since 1971

Primary Care Attorney
What is a Primary Care Attorney? That is just a term I borrowed from the health care field to describe the relationship I usually have with individual clients.

Mostly, I represent individuals and families. I prepare wills, handle divorces, and represent children when they get into trouble.

Some of my clients have family owned corporations or partnerships.

People buy and sell property, get into disputes with their neighbors, employers, relatives and business associates.

They get defrauded, have auto collisions, get fired, hurt on the job, financially overextended, have child support problems, or seek adoptions. If they're fortunate, they need estate tax planning.

Up to a point, I can handle most of these things. After over three decades of practicing law, I know local specialists in virtually every field.

I try to develop long term relationships with individuals who trust me and call me first with their legal issues. If I find it appropriate to refer them elsewhere, as I often do, I feel I have served them well doing my best to place them in the hands of competent and reasonable professionals whose reputations I know.

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